About Nandini Indian Restaurant

About Nandini Indian Restaurant

Our history & the future of the Nandini’s impressive menu combines tasty and exotic dishes from Bangladesh, India & Nepal. We offer a unique fusion of eastern cuisine from across the Asian subcontinent. Our cuisine is prepared with the finest ingredients and brought to life by our specialist chefs. Management of the restaurant have combined a new cooking technique with healthy and nutrition in mind, maintaining the original recipe along with the correct ways to processing & handling of ingredients to ensure your food is always delicious, nutritious & tasty.

Suffering with cold or flu?

The spices in a curry have antibacterial and antioxidant properties which have been shown to speed up recovery. The hotter the better apparently!

It is thought that spices including chillies could rise your metabolism by up to 50% after eating. Less guilt when you order that dessert then!

Scientists have found that two ingredients of curries, tumeric & capsaicin, look as though they help to prevent all sorts of cancers! What better excuse do you need?